UC Scout Policies

UC Scout policies are necessary to maintain the lowest possible fees for all students. For answers to other common questions, navigate to FAQ or email ucscout@ucsc.edu.

Trial Period

A $40 administration processing fee will be deducted for all approved refunds.

Refunds are granted if you withdraw within the latter of the two:

  • Five (5) business days from the official course start date.
  • Five (5) business days from the day of enrollment. This option exists for students who enroll in a course after the official course start date.

After a student has been enrolled in a course for five (5) business days, no refunds will be issued.

Business days are defined as Monday through Friday, not including holidays.

If the refund deadline for a course has passed, a petition for exception may be submitted through the Refund Request Form. It must be supported by special circumstances such as a *personal illness, injury, or hospitalization. Official documentation of special circumstances is required. *Refunds will not be considered for short-term personal illnesses such as colds, flu, or non-hospitalized COVID-19. UC Scout reserves the right to approve or deny any such request.

To submit a refund request, please complete the Refund Request Form. Refunds are only granted if the requirements above have been met.

Drop Policy

If you have completed work beyond the midterm, you are not eligible to drop and a grade will be reported on your transcript.

If you have not worked beyond the midterm and would like to drop your course now, please fill out the Drop Request Form. The last day to submit a drop must be requested by the term end date.

If you have not completed any work beyond the midterm and you do not complete the course, you will automatically not receive a final grade and it will not be recorded on your transcript. In summary, there’s no record of you having taken the course. You will only receive a notification of having dropped the course if you fill out the Drop Request Form.

A drop is not the same as a refund. Refunds are not issued for dropping a course outside of the refund policy. For refunds, please review our “Trial Period,” found above.


Transfer Policy

If a student qualifies for a transfer, they will take the same course in the next term starting from the beginning. Any work completed will not be transferred. The last day to submit a transfer must be requested by the term end date. No transfers will be granted outside of the policy. Refer to the image above.

Progress point #1

If a student has not done any work in the course beyond the Introductory Module (ProctorU, Contact Information, Course Expectations, etc.), then the student is eligible to transfer to the next term for a $40 transfer fee.

Progress point #2

If a student has completed course work in the course through the Midterm, then the student can transfer for a $250 fee.

Students who have completed coursework in the course beyond the Midterm are not eligible for a transfer.

To submit a transfer request, please complete the Transfer Request Form. A student will be transferred before the start of the term after the fee is paid.

Course End Date and Extension Requests

Extension requests are reviewed by UC Scout and approved or denied at UC Scout's discretion. If approved, a student must submit any assignments labeled “Missing” in their online classroom during the 3-week extension period after the original course end date. All course material must be complete by the extended course end date if an extension is granted. Refunds are not provided for courses not completed by the last day of the extension.

A petition for course extension may be submitted, but students must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Petition must be supported by special circumstances such as a *personal illness, injury, or hospitalization. Proper documentation of special circumstances is required. Any official documents supporting a student petition for an extension (for example a doctor's note), must have those official documents dated within the current term. Documents dated prior to the current term will not be reviewed.

*Extensions will not be considered for short-term personal illnesses such as colds, flu, or non-hospitalized COVID-19.

  • Students must have progressed through the course to the point of completing the midterm exam at least three weeks prior to the term end date.

The last day to submit a request for an extension is the term end date.

UC Scout reserves the right to approve or deny any such request. You can expect to receive a response within one week of submission.

To submit an extension request, please complete the Extension Request Form.


Course Cancellations

UC Scout reserves the right to discontinue, postpone or combine courses, and/or programs. Refunds prompted by cancellation or discontinuation will be made in full to your student account for future enrollments. Refunds to the original form of payment can be processed on request.

Transcript Request   

On Demand students can have transcripts sent using the digital credentialing service, Parchment. Transcripts are cumulative, meaning that a transcript request will contain all grades posted for all classes taken with UC Scout. Common transcript recipients include: colleges, high schools, academic counselors, students, and parents. Parchment’s transcript fees may vary depending on shipping costs.

Vendors who paid with a purchase order can contact the Help Desk for alternative transcript options.

Please follow the instructions below to process your request

Step 1. Students will need to login to their UC Scout account to ensure their final grade(s) has been entered.

This step is critical to avoid paying for a transcript that does not include your grades.

Step 2. After step 1 is completed, students will need to create or log into an existing Parchment account and follow the Parchment instructions.

Once the order is placed, the transcript will be processed within seven to ten business days.

Parchment Student FAQs

Parchment contact number - 1 (888) - 662- 0874

Academic History

For students applying to college, applicants should report and enter the courses and grades from all schools they have attended while in high school, including UC Scout.

A “drop” from a UC Scout course will not appear on the UC Scout transcript, thus it does not need to be reported.

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