US History

US History with Scout from the University of California covers over two and a half centuries of American history. In this course, students are challenged to examine major events and themes from the foundation of the nation through the Civil War, followed by explorations of American industrialization, immigration, technological advancements, political reform, community formation, cultural change, familial structures, environmental concern, civic engagement, and global interactions up through the early twentieth century.

Throughout this course, students are assessed on their ability to contextualize time, space, and place, analyze a variety of different types of historical evidence, explore different parameters of historical cause and effect, identify patterns of continuity and change over time, and practice communication of their knowledge in different written and oral formats.


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Unit 1: America Before and After the Civil War

  • Origins of American Democracy
  • The American Constitution
  • The Young United States
  • The Louisiana Purchase Era
  • The War of 1812
  • Domestic Politics
  • Growing Sectional Tensions
  • The American Civil War Begins
  • Union Versus Confederacy
  • The New South

Unit 2: The American Nation

  • Immigration and Industrialization
  • Urban America
  • Integration, Urban Politics, and the Gilded Age
  • Big Business
  • American Innovations
  • Social Darwinism, the Social Gospel, and Populism
  • The Progressive Era

Unit 3: American Beliefs and Values

  • American Religious Episodes
  • Faith in Action
  • Multicultural West Coast
  • Religious Pluralism

Unit 4: America on the Global Stage

  • The Open Door Policy and the Boxer Rebellion
  • The Spanish-American War
  • The Panama Canal and the Roosevelt Corollary
  • American Dollar Diplomacy
  • American Moral Diplomacy
  • A Great War Begins
  • America Enters the Great War
  • Peace and Power in 1919

Unit 5: American Prosperity and Popular Culture

  • Entering the 1920s
  • American Consumerism
  • Racism and the First Red Scare
  • Crime and Corruption
  • Sisterhood and Suffrage
  • American Culture in the 1920s
  • Media and the Motion Picture


Unit 6: Crash Recovery

  • The Economic Edge
  • The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl
  • A New Deal for America
  • Opposing Forces
  • The Second New Deal
  • The Roosevelt Revival

Unit 7: America and World War 2

  • World War Once More
  • War and Peace

Unit 8: America the Superpower

  • Origins of the Cold War
  • Post-World War Two American Society

Unit 9: Turbulent Times

  • Entering the 1960's
  • Decade of Turmoil

Unit 10: Progress and Challenges

  • Rising for Rights
  • National Harships

Unit 11: American Millenium

  • As the World Turned
  • Twentieth Century Twilight
  • USA 2.0

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