Studio Art: 3-D Design

This course provides a three-dimensional approach to problem solving through a variety of media and materials, including paper, ply board, clay, plaster, wood, wire, metal, and stone. Techniques include modeling, carving, assemblage, casting, and paper folding. The scale of problems presented will range from small pieces to larger freestanding forms. The student will participate in a wide range of experiences using additive and subtractive sculptural techniques, designed to build artistic and creative confidence. The original products created in this course may serve as functional items or fine works of art. Historical and cultural sculptures will be studied throughout each unit.


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Unit 1: Elements of Art: Line, Texture, Shape, Form

  • Lines and Drawing
  • Lines and Texture
  • Shape and Form

Unit 2: Elements of Art: Value, Space, Color

  • Value and Space
  • Color
  • Colorists
  • Major Sculptors
  • Review of Elements

Unit 3: Balance, Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis

  • Balance
  • Pattern, Repetition, Rhythm, and Movement
  • Contrast and Emphasis

Unit 4: Principles of Art: Movement, Rhythm, Unity

  • Terms in Sculptural Art
  • Quality, Concentration, and Breadth
  • Artistic Integrity

Unit 5: Art History

  • Art Before the 1800s
  • Art and Architecture Before the 1800s
  • Art in the1800s
  • Art in the 1900s
  • Art in the 2000s

Unit 6: Space. Void and Meaning in 3D Art

  • Space and Void
  • Wire Sculpture
  • Casting Techniques

Unit 7: Clay

  • Composition of Clay
  • Clay Tools
  • Handbuilding: Pinch Pot
  • Coil Method
  • Slab Method


Unit 8: 3D Art, Interpretation and Innovation

  • Art is Everywhere
  • Sugar Art
  • History of Paper
  • Paper Sculpture

Unit 9: Recycled Art - 3D

  • Curation and Exhibits
  • Green Art
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Famous Recycled Pieces

Unit 10: Porcelain Clay

  • Review of Handbuilding Techniques
  • Porcelain Clay

Unit 11: Modern Art

  • Modern Art Forms and Artists
  • Architecture
  • Emotion and Art
  • Art and Architecture: Connections, Relations, and Applications

Unit 12: Art for Everyone

  • Kinetic Sculpture
  • Realism and Romanticism
  • Wood Carving

Unit 13: 3D Art and Social Movements

  • Artists in the 1800s
  • Artists in the 1900s
  • Artists in the 2000s

Unit 14: Thinking Outside of the Box

  • Abstract Art
  • Careers in Art
  • New Age Art

Unit 15: Thematic Art

  • Themes in Art 

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