Introduction to Ethnic Studies

This one-semester course offers an exploration of the rich cultural experiences and academic disciplines of four significant cultural groups: African American, Asian American, Chicanx/Latinx, and Native American. Through a thematic and case study-based approach, students delve into the profound impact these groups have had on the United States. Students will participate in discussions, exploratory assignments, and projects to better understand themselves and the world they interact within. In addition, students will develop greater interconnectivity with their local community, social awareness and opportunities for activism, and basic research skills.

This Introduction to Ethnic Studies meets the California A-G requirements and fulfills the California graduation requirement, Assembly Bill 101.


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Unit 1: Foundations

  • Self 
  • Ancestry

Unit 2: Stories

  • Migrations
  • Interactions

Unit 3: Systems

  • Structures
  • Impact

Unit 4: Social Movements

  • Resistance
  • Progress

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