English 12

What is it about Shakespeare’s writing that made him such a genius? Why did William Blake make those strange etchings and engravings? In this course you will read famous works within the British literary tradition to understand their influence on later authors. Additionally, you will learn about different literary forms and devices that shape the style of a piece. By the end of the course, you’ll have a feel for how you can employ literary strategies to improve your writing.


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Unit 1: Course and College Readiness

  • Course Introduction
  • How to Write a Personal Statement
  • Tips for Timed Writing
  • Writing Process Review
  • Literary Terms Foundation

Unit 2: Foundations of British Literature

  • Beowulf Introduction
  • Beowulf Review

Unit 3: The British Literature Hero

  • Hero Introduction
  • Hero's Journey Overview
  • Literary Terms Follow Up
  • Sir Gawain Intro
  • Literary Terms Expanded
  • Canterbury Tales Introduction

Unit 4: English Renaissance Literature

  • Poetry Annotation
  • Donne Background and Introduction
  • Herbert Background and Introduction
  • Blake Background and Introduction

Unit 5: Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare Biography
  • Shakespeare Background
  • Globe Theater Overview
  • Macbeth Characters
  • Macbeth Plot
  • Macbeth Themes


Unit 6: Romantic Literature, Part 1

  • Romanticism Overview
  • Wordsworth Introduction
  • Percy Shelley Introduction

Unit 7: Romantic Literature, Part 2

  • Mary Shelley Intro
  • Frankenstein Introduction
  • Frankenstein Structure
  • Frankenstein Themes

Unit 8: Romantic Poetry

  • Keats Introduction
  • Keats Close Reading Urn
  • Keats Close Reading Nightingale
  • Byron Introduction
  • Byron Close Reading She Walks
  • Byron Prometheus
  • Browning Overview
  • Hardy Overview
  • Tennyson Overview

Unit 9: Victorian and Modernist Period

  • Pygmalion Background
  • Pygmalion Characters
  • Pygmalion Themes
  • Auden Overview
  • Eliot Overview
  • Video: Joyce Overview

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