English 11

What makes American literature American? This course will explore literary movements in American literature from pre-colonial times into the 20th century. You will read plays, novels, and poetry that have influenced the cultural landscape of the United States. You will also learn to use techniques from the course to improve your own writing.


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Unit 1: Pre-Colonial Period

  • Introduction to Early American Literature
  • Travel Narratives and Cabeza De Vaca
  • Point of View
  • Native American Literature
  • Creation Myths
  • Comparing Literature and Analyzing Perspective
  • POV SOAPStone
  • Rhetorical Appeals
  • Look What you Did SOAPStone
  • Citations

Unit 2: Colonial Period

  • Puritan Times
  • The Crucible Introduction
  • Puritan Life
  • The Crucible, Background
  • The Crucible, Political Background
  • The Crucible Acts 1-4
  • Slavery in the US
  • Slave Narratives
  • Up From Slavery
  • Dunbar Introduction
  • We Wear Analysis
  • WEB DuBois and EA Robinson

Unit 3: Revolutionary Period

  • Democracy in America
  • Declaration of Independence Introduction and Background
  • DeTocqueville Introduction and Democracy in America
  • Second Inaugural

Unit 4: Romanticism and Transcendentalism

  • America's Literary Traditions
  • Romanticism Introduction and My Bondage Analysis
  • Dickinson Introduction and Hope Frigate Analysis
  • Simile vs. Metaphor
  • Transcendentalism and Where I Lived Analysis
  • Civil Disobedience

Unit 5: Realism

  • America Sings and Sighs
  • Whitman Introduction and I Hear American
  • Owl Creek Bridge
  • Realism Introduction
  • Theme and Irony
  • Modern Day Connections
  • Modern Day Media
  • Evaluating Credibility


Unit 6: Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance

  • Moving to Modernism
  • Modernism Introduction
  • Analysis Red Wheelbarrow
  • EE Cummings and Anyone Lived Analysis
  • TS Eliot and Prufrock Analysis
  • Research Paper Topic Choice
  • The Harlem Renaissance
  • Historical Background and Jazz Age
  • Harlem Renaissance and F Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Great Gatsby Chapters 1-7
  • Symbolism
  • Black Box Scandal
  • Foils and Gatsby

Unit 7: Postmodernism

  • War of the World
  • Postmodernism and WWII
  • Ball Turret and Gunner
  • Call to Action and Executive Order 9066
  • First Hand Accounts
  • Post-Modernism and the Memory Play
  • The Glass Menagerie Scenes 1-7

Unit 8: Post-Modernism and the Contemporary American

  • Contemporary America
  • Beat Generation and Howl
  • Bush 9/11 Speech

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