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From the cost of gasoline to how much you get paid, economic forces shape every facet of your life, every day. With topics covering everything from unemployment to job scarcity, income to inflation, you’ll experience first-hand how market and banking structures, labor, taxes, and inflation directly impact your life. You’ll also learn valuable money management, investment, and critical thinking skills that will help you make better choices as a consumer. Prerequisite: Basic Math skills. This is a single semester course.

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Unit 1
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  • Basic Concepts
  • How Markets Work
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Unit 2
New Unit Content: 
  • Market Structures
  • Market Failures
  • Labor
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Unit 3
New Unit Content: 
  • Aggregate Economy
  • Economic Challenges
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Unit 4
New Unit Content: 
  • Money and Banking
  • Federal Reserve
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Unit 5
New Unit Content: 
  • Taxes and Spending
  • Fiscal Policy
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Unit 6
New Unit Content: 
  • Global Economy
  • Foreign Exchange