AP Physics 2

Dive deep into the more complex aspects of physics using your best problem solving and quantitative reasoning skills in this online course. Through interactive media, labs, inquiry projects and assignments, this course investigates atomic and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electrostatics, circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism and optics. 


  • Successful completion of Algebra 2 (Required)
  • Concurrent enrollment in Pre-Calculus (Recommended )
  • AP Physics 1 or an Introductory Physics Course (Recommended)

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Unit 1: Thermodynamics

  • Mechanical Equivalent of Heat & Specific and Latent heat
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Expansion
  • Ideal Gases
  • Laws of Thermodynamics

Unit 2: Fluid Statics and Dynamics

  • Hydrostatic pressure & Buoyancy
  • Fluid Flow Continuity & Bernoulli's Equation

Unit 3: Electrostatics

  • Electric Charge and Coulomb’s law
  • Electric Fields
  • Electric Potential

Unit 4: DC Circuits and RC Circuits: Steady State

  • Electrostatics with Conductors & Capacitors
  • Current Resistance Power
  • DC Circuits with Batteries and Resistors & Capacitors in Circuits


Unit 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

  • Forces on a moving charge & Forces on current carrying wires in magnetic fields & Fields of long current carrying wires
  • Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 6: Geometric and Physical Optics

  • Wave Basics 
  • Interference and Diffraction & Dispersion of Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Reflection and Refraction & Mirrors & Lenses

Unit 7: Quantum Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics

  • Photons and the Photoelectric Effect & Atomic Energy Levels & Wave-Particle Duality
  • Nuclear Reactions & Mass Energy Equivalence

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