AP European History

This class introduces students to the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic trends that shaped Europe from 1450 to the present. Students should acquire knowledge of the basic chronology of events and movements from this period as well as develop the ability to analyze historical documents and express historical understanding in writing. As part of the Advanced Placement program, the course prepares students for the AP European History exam.

Six main themes guide the course: Interaction of Europe and the World, Poverty and Prosperity, Objective Knowledge and Subjective Visions, States and other Institutions of Power, Individual and Society, and National and European Identities.


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Unit 1: The Late Middle Ages

  • The Black Death
  • The 100 Years War
  • The Late Medieval Church

Unit 2: The Renaissance

  • The Italian Renaissance
  • Art and Patronage
  • Revival of Monarchy

Unit 3: Age of Exploration

  • Voyages of Discovery
  • New Empires

Unit 4: Protestant Reformation and Age of Religious Wars

  • Criticisms of the Church
  • Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation
  • The Catholic Reformation
  • The English Reformation
  • Religious Struggles
  • Struggle for Supremacy

Unit 5: The Economy and Society of Early Modern Europe

  • Changes in Traditional Institutions and Practices
  • Changing Family Life

Unit 6: The Scientific Revolution

  • The Scientific Revolution
  • Emergence of Natural Philosophy
  • Women in the Scientific Revolution

Unit 7: The Enlightenment

  • The Enlightenment
  • Society in the Enlightenment
  • Role of Religion
  • Enlightened Absolutism

Unit 8: The Ancien Regime and the Agricultural Revolution

  • The Ancien Regime
  • The Family Structure
  • The Agricultural Revolution

Unit 9: The Industrial Revolution, Mercantilism and Trade Wars

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Transatlantic Economy

Unit 10: The French Revolution

  • French Society under the Ancient Regime
  • Phases of the Revolution


Unit 11: The Napoleonic Empire

  • Nationalism
  • The Age of Napoleon
  • The Romantic Movement

Unit 12: Nationalism and Nation-States

  • 1815-1838
  • The Great Powers
  • Resistance and Independence

Unit 13: Age of Revolutions

  • Age of Revolutions
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • 1848

Unit 14: The Building of Nation-States

  • Nation-States
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern and Ottoman Nationalism

Unit 15: The Growth of Industrialism

  • Second Industrial Revolution
  • Socialism and Labor Movements

Unit 16: European Modern Thought

  • New Movements
  • Genders and Minorities

Unit 17: New Imperialism

  • New Imperialism
  • Motives and Tools of New Imperialism

Unit 18: WWI

  • Causes of the War
  • The Great War
  • Russian Revolution

Unit 19: The Interwar Years

  • The Great Depression in Europe
  • New Governments

Unit 20: WW2

  • The War Begins
  • The End of WW2

Unit 21: The Cold War and Modern Times

  • The Cold War
  • The Modern Era

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