AP Environmental Science

Pollution, deforestation, overpopulation, and desertification: these are just some of the issues environmental science wrestles with daily. Environmental science is the study of the environment and environmental problems. This course will expose you to the interconnectedness of all natural processes on Earth, as well as the ecological requirements for sustaining human life. You’ll get up close and personal learning about how individual and collective decisions and policies directly impact the environment, as well as how to balance both humanity’s and nature’s needs without further compromising the ecosystem.

RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITE: Algebra I and Biology; Chemistry recommended

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Unit 1: Fundamental Principles of Environmental Science

  • Environmental Problems and Causes
  • Environmental History
  • Science, Systems, Matter, and Energy

Unit 2: Interdependence of Earth's Living Systems

  • Ecosystems
  • Evolution and Biodiversity: Origins, Niches, and Adaptation
  • Terrestrial Biogeography
  • Aquatic Life Zones
  • Community Ecology and Species Interaction

Unit 3: Population Dynamics

  • Population Dynamics and Sustainability
  • Applying Population Ecology - The Human Population

Unit 4: Biodiversity of Species

  • Sustaining Species Biodiversity
  • Sustaining Terrestrial Biodiversity - Managing and Protecting Ecosystems
  • Sustaining Aquatic Biodiversity


Unit 5: Environmental Quality and Protection

  • Risk, Toxicology, and Human Health
  • Air Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Pollutions of Water
  • Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste

Unit 6: Earth's Resources

  • Water Resources
  • Geologic Resources
  • Food and Soil Resources

Unit 7: Energy Resources

  • Non-Renewable Energy Sources
  • Renewable Energy Sources

Unit 8: Environment and Societal Worldviews

  • Worldviews

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