Syllabus Title: 
AP English Literature and Composition
Syllabus Description: 


This intensive two-semester college-level course immerses students in close reading and analysis of challenging literary works from a range of genres -- novels, short stories, poems, plays, and nonfiction. Composed of challenging reading and writing assignments, the course focuses on intensive reading and discussion of the literature. Students will read at a fast pace and will be required to form independent opinions about the offered materials. Thoughtful analysis of the readings and multi-step writing assignments will be required. The writing component centers on the focused interpretation of high-level texts, with assignments ranging from Discussion Board posts to full, five-paragraph essays. Through course discussion boards, students will have consistent interaction with the teacher and with peers. During weekly live sessions, students will participate in presentations about course concepts and will be able to get additional feedback on writing assignments. AP Literature and Composition is a year-long course. For most students, the course concludes with the College Board AP English Literature and Composition exam in early May. 

Prerequisites: We recommend strong grades in English 9, English 10, and English 11 and a willingness to tackle challenging works and to become an independent learner.

Collection Semester: 
New Semester Heading: 
Semester 1
New Unit Collection: 
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 00: Introduction
New Unit Content: 
  • Course Introduction
  • AP Exam Introduction
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 01: Antigone (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Antigone Background
  • Antigone The Tragic Hero
  • Antigone The Beginning
  • Antigone The Middle
  • Antigone The End
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 02: Hamlet (4 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Hamlet Background
  • Hamlet Act 1 and 2
  • Hamlet Act 3
  • Hamlet Act 4
  • Hamlet Act 5
  • Hamlet Characters and Themes
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 03: House of Mirth (4 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • House of Mirth Background
  • House of Mirth Book 1 First Half (Ch 1-8)
  • House of Mirth Book 1 Second Half (Ch 9-15)
  • House of Mirth Book 2 First Half (Ch 1-7)
  • House of Mirth Book 2 Second Half (Ch 8-14)
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 04: A Tale of Two Cities (3 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • A Tale of Two Cities Background
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 1 (Ch 1-6)
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 2 (Ch 1-6)
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 2 (Ch 7-15)
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 2 (Ch 16-24)
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 3 (Ch 1-7)
  • A Tale of Two Cities Book 3 (Ch 8-15)
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 05: Poetry (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Poetry: Longfellow and Bryant
  • Poetry: Holmes and Whittier
  • Poetry: Eliot
  • Poetry: Auden
  • Poetry: Angelou and Giovanni
  • Poetry Multiple Choice Practice
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 06: AP Exam Questions (1 week)
New Unit Content: 
  • AP Exam: Question 1 Poetry
  • AP Exam: Question 2 Prose
  • AP Exam: Question 3 Free Response
  • AP Exam: Multiple Choice
New Semester Heading: 
Semester 2
New Unit Collection: 
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 07: Dracula (3 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Dracula Background
  • Dracula Ch 1-9
  • Dracula Ch 10-16
  • Dracula Ch 17-20
  • Dracula Ch 21-26
  • AP Skills Review: Poetry Analysis
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 08: Pride and Prejudice (3-4 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Pride and Prejudice Background
  • Pride and Prejudice Ch 1-11
  • Pride and Prejudice Ch 12-23
  • Pride and Prejudice Ch 24-35
  • Pride and Prejudice Ch 36-47
  • Pride and Prejudice Ch 48-61
  • Literary Terms Review
  • AP Skills Review: Prose Analysis
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 09: The Importance of Being Earnest (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Earnest Background
  • Earnest Act 1
  • Earnest Act 2
  • Earnest Act 3
  • AP Skills Review: Free Response Question
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 10: This Side of Paradise (3 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • The Side of Paradise Background
  • The Side of Paradise Book 1 Ch 1-4 and Interlude
  • The Side of Paradise Book 2 Ch 1-3
  • The Side of Paradise Book 2 Ch 4-5
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 11: Dubliners (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Joyce Background
  • Dubliners Childhood Adolescence
  • Dubliners Maturity Public Life
  • AP Skills Review: Multiple Choice Strategies
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 12: Short Stories (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Gilman Yellow Wallpaper
  • Chopin Hour
  • O'Connor Good Man
  • Faulkner Rose for Emily
  • Updike A&P
  • AP Skills Review: Short Story Wrap Up
New Unit Heading: 
Unit 13: Modern Novel (2 weeks)
New Unit Content: 
  • Character Analysis
  • Theme Analysis
  • Plot Analysis
  • Final Project