AP Chemistry

Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry. In this course, students gain an understanding of the relationship between macroscopic and atomic scales, the role of structures in determining properties, the intricacies of chemical transformations, and the significance of energy in chemical systems. Explore main ideas, such as: scale, proportion, and quantity; structure and properties; transformations; and energy. This course prepares students for the APĀ® Chemistry exam.


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Semester 1

Unit 1: Atomic Structure and Properties

  • Atoms, Moles, and Molar Mass
  • Composition of Substances and Mixtures
  • Atomic Structure
  • The Periodic Table

Unit 2: Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties

  • Chemical Bonds
  • Arrangement of Molecular Compounds

Unit 3: Intermolecular Forces and Properties

  • Intermolecular Forces
  • Gas Properties
  • Solutions and Solubility
  • Spectroscopy

Unit 4: Chemical Reactions

  • Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations
  • Stoichiometry
  • Types of Chemical Reactions

Semester 2

Unit 5: Kinetics

  • Reaction Rates
  • Reaction Mechanisms

Unit 6: Thermodynamics

  • Energy Exchanges
  • Bond Enthalpies

Unit 7: Equilibrium

  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium Relationships
  • Le Chatelier's Principle
  • Solubility Equilibria

Unit 8: Acids and Bases

  • Acids and Bases
  • Strength of Acids
  • Buffers
  • Acid-Base Titration

Unit 9: Applications of Thermodynamics

  • Entropy, Thermodynamics, and Free Energy
  • Electrochemistry

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